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Responsibility is at the heart of our business and it's why illi exists in the form it does.

illi Fine Jewellery | Responsibility

It's always possible to do more - no business or human can ever claim to be doing enough - but we are trying to operate in the most responsible way possible with the resources, knowledge and understanding available to us at the present time.

We've highlighted our key focus areas below but we are always assessing where and how we can do more. 

Our Materials

From the outset, we chose to work exclusively with manufacturers and suppliers who were able to guarantee that our precious metals would contain 100% recycled content and our lab-grown diamonds and gemstones would be conflict-free. 

Our Packaging

Our packaging is as plastic-free as possible at the moment. The only (indirect) plastic in our packaging is microfibre, which we use for the insert of our wooden jewellery box, and our pouches. Everything else is recyclable and largely made from recycled materials. Read more about our packaging. We are aiming to have our packaging completely redesigned and be 100% plastic-free in the near future.

Carbon Offset

All of our order deliveries are carbon neutral. We source offsets from Cloverly to counteract the emissions from shipping every order. Our ultimate goal is to be a carbon-neutral company and we are actively researching how best to achieve this in the shortest timeframe possible. 

Charity Donations

We donate 1% of all sales to charity through Virtue. The amount that will be donated for each sale, as well as the charities we are currently supporting, is listed on the individual product pages.


We will never use animal-based glues or dyes in our packaging and will never use imagery of animals being exploited (even if they are not being harmed) in our marketing or advertising material. 

If you have any suggestions for how we can improve our sustainability or environmental/social practices, please contact us.