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Eco Friendly Jewellery Gifts for the Libra in Your Life

29 September 2022 2 min read

The air’s a little cooler and the leaves are turning red. Autumn (or ‘fall’ if you’re in the U.S) is finally here, which means Libra season is upon us. 

Libras are born between 23rd September and 22nd October. They’re social butterflies who desire connection, beauty and fairness. Some of our favourite celebrity Libras include Serena Williams, Brie Larson and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.


If you have a Libra in your life and you want to get them a meaningful gift, take a look at some of our Libra jewellery gift suggestions. 

Old school romantics

Libras are old school romantics at heart. They love falling in love and finding companionship. Forever seeking balance, the right partnership is key for a Libra. Combine their love of romance with their appreciation of beauty and the finer things in life - and you’ve got some truly classic looks. 

Speaking of classic romance - look no further than our Monaco bracelet and necklace. Featuring lab-grown diamonds on a recycled solid gold chain, these pieces are inspired by the beauty and glamour of Monte Carlo. 

Creative designers

When it comes to style and design. Libras are the pros. Art, beauty, music and dance are some of their favourite things - as essential to the idealistic Libra as oxygen. They are skilled creatives and designers, with impeccable taste. Aesthetics are very important to a Libra. They are excellent shoppers - with an eye for good quality, elegant pieces that make a statement. 

Our sophisticated Biarritz earrings are sure to make a statement, wherever they go. These pavé diamond huggies set in solid 14k yellow gold are exquisite. 

Social butterflies

If you want someone to host a party - ask a Libra. Their brilliant style, plus their love of socialising and desire for harmony makes them the perfect candidate. They are often extroverted, seeking connection and effortlessly charming everyone they meet. A Libra’s fun, lighthearted and spontaneous nature helps make them the life of the party. 

The perfect party earrings - our Como earrings sparkle with 7/8 ctw of lab-grown diamonds set in solid 14k gold in an elegant curl shape. Simply dazzling.

Great leaders

Keen to avoid conflict where possible, a Libra is a natural peacemaker. Their diplomacy and ability to compromise make them excellent mediators. Libras are strong leaders - intelligent and full of vision and big ambitions. With a strong sense of fairness and justice, they will always look for a balanced solution. They are inventive - both in their work and in life - and love coming up with fresh ideas. 

A strong leader needs a strong look. Our Oxford studs are simple, elegant and capable of making a subtle statement, while your Libra captures the attention of a room.

A Libra is a great friend to have. Someone to truly cherish. We hope you find the perfect gift to show them just how much they mean to you.

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